Mission + Vision + Values


Finding Fresh and Fulfilled life in Jesus. 

Portland is a place people often come to looking for something fresh. To find fresh air, to start a new job, to leave their past culture for a different life experience. We believe that Jesus also offers a fresh, new, unique way of life. That 2,000 years ago when He came to earth, He brought with him a promise of something kainos—something new that has relevance to our lives today. We want to unload unnecessary religious baggage and find the beauty of the gospel and Jesus’ goodness so that we might experience the fresh and fulfilled life He intended us to live.


God has been doing something new and fresh in Portland for some time. And we believe that post-pandemic, there will be more opportunity for that than ever.

Our places of work, our relationships, our homes and even our beliefs have been shaken, challenged and changed by the COVID-19 pandemic, charged political environments, and economic instability. We believe uncertainty is often the place where God meets us—giving us fresh perspective and new life.

Jesus made a habit of this, and often gave this new life away through conversations with unlikely people in unlikely places. He welcomed those who were previously unaware or uninterested into his way. We want to follow Jesus’ lead by welcoming, knowing, and talking with those interested in exploring faith. Here’s how this looks for Kainos: 

Weekly, small gatherings in homes—Kainos Communities: We eat, discuss, and pray together in small meeting places throughout the Portland Metro. Intrigued by Jesus? Investigating Jesus? Already invested in Jesus? You are welcome here. 

Once-a-month big gathering—Kainos Collective: We worship together, hear a pastoral message, and connect with a larger, more diverse community. Again, anyone is welcome here. 

There is no perfect church and no perfect way to follow Jesus. This is simply how Kainos Church chooses to be faithful to God and each other—seeking fresh and fulfilled life in Jesus.


Our values are made up of beautiful paradoxes we see in the Christian faith: 

Unique + United

We celebrate our unique individuality and each person’s voice while also being united around a common faith and shared life.

Doubt + Delight

We create space for our questions, doubts, and the messy figuring-out-of-faith, while also holding the joy and peace that is found in Jesus. 

Ancient + New

We participate in an ancient faith and apply the gospel and teachings of Jesus, a first century rabbi to our lives while also seeking new and fresh growth in ourselves and our community. 

Local + Global

We focus on loving our local community—our neighbors next door—while also learning from and loving our global faith family, from every culture and continent. 

Gather + Go

We gather weekly to encourage and learn together while also going into our neighborhoods, city and world with the goodness of Jesus.